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Wed, 6 May 1998 11:40:45 +0100

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>I recently met an attorney who had dropped out of her big name law firm.
>She described litigation as warfare and living in this constant battle
>zone had driven her into alcoholism. She now works primarily as a
>mediator and is again happy, healthy and dry. We each make decisions >on a
>day to day basis, whether or not to treat each other with kindness and
>respect, whether to strive to bring peace or continue the strife. I have
>chosen my path and though it's sometimes lonely and often easy to slip off
>and fall into the way of the world around me, I intend to keep plodding


wonderful! I haven't seen this when I sent my last mail.

You say, you have chosen your path. In my thinking, this means that there
were several possible paths competing for your favour and that this
competition was constructive and provided you with great power and
strength and sureness. You have a great potential in helping others with
their competitions. But this potential will stay asleep as long as you
deny this beautiful side of competition.

Liebe Gruesse,



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