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>But I'm wondering how many of you saw the recent episode on Apollo 15. A
>geologist taught the astronauts to "see" the moon and to select rock
>samples "in context." The episode would make a wonderful setup for a
>powerful group learning piece -- teaching people to actually "see" an
>organization and all it's elements in relationship and context.

Yes, John, I saw it and agree with you about both the good work Tom Hanks
et al have done on the series as well as the piece on Apollo 15 and the
geologist. I was watching it again tonight and was intrigued. Could you
say more on how you might teach people to "see" in organizations? I
suspect it has something to do with distinctions and rigor.

BTW, I'm not a veteran NASA worker; I was too young...but I've been an
avid fan since a child! And very proud of the accomplishment for
humankind. It still awes me! Thanks for bringing this up on the
learning-org list.


Margaret McIntyre


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