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John Dicus wrote under "Apollo 15 LO18007":

>But I'm wondering how many of you saw the recent episode on Apollo 15.
>A geologist taught the astronauts to "see" the moon and to select rock
>samples "in context." The episode would make a wonderful setup for a
>powerful group learning piece -- teaching people to actually "see" an
>organization and all it's elements in relationship and context.

Aha! Thank you John, you provided for the missing link in my thinking of
At's essentiality "Identity-Categoricity" (Sureness). I cannot put it in
words just now, but I am sure I got the idea.

The geologist was telling the astronauts to take care of "sureness" with
respect to the moon (establish categorical identity by means of
isomorphism). With the "problem" Apollo 15 experienced, the survival
depended on the full creative potential of this remarkable team of
astronauts and NASA.

As one prerequisite, LO need to be sure about themselves (categorical
identity by means of selfreferential pairs, i.e. individuals + teams).

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