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Dear organlearners,

Tom Christoffel <> writes:

> Re: Chickens in an egg factory, foxes in the vineyard
> The learning leader as a great story teller. Bravo! In my mind, I saw the
> man racing to claim the world as an MBA. Yet, are we foxes that live off
> the vineyard builders work?

Tom, thank you for your kind words.

In south africa the fox species which also eat plants, are very clever!
Here is another one to serve as LO metaphor.

As soon as the watermelons on a cultivated strip of land begin to ripen,
the foxes come to inspect them. A fox will make a scratch (leaving four
lines) on the skin of the watermelon. It then sniffs at the fresh scratch.
If the watermelon is ripe, it gives off a special kind of smell. The fox
will then make a hole and eat some of the soft, ripe, sweet. juicy tissue
inside. Obviously, the farmer cannot sell that watermellon anymore.

But the next night the foxes visit the place again. The old scratches have
caloused (sealed off) so that the foxes have to make new fresh scratches.
After a few nights of testing, the skin of the watermelon is so damaged
that nobody will buy it should it escape the eating.

Lesson: Testing by inquisitive foxes can cause serious damage to

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