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Nancy Polend (nanjr@erols.com)
Fri, 08 May 1998 17:40:56 -0400

Hello all.

Sorry I've not been participating much lately...starting a new business
while going to school full-time (not to mention the normal family/life
issues) has made my plate a bit too full. Can you say "sleep
deprivation?" :)

It would mean alot to me if you would consider participating in a
listserve-delivered interview regarding LOs. It is part of a LO course I
am currently taking. Nowhere else would I have the opportunity to gain
the insights of the entire LO community! The questions are provided
below...you can answer one, any, or all, whatever suits your interests and
time considerations. Maybe these questions can serve an additional
purpose of generating some new discussions as well as helping me out in my

If the community-at-large is interested, I can certainly post a
compilation of responses. Well, here they are. Thanks in advance for
your time and thoughts.

1. What do you believe are the first few things that an organization who
wishes to become a learning organization should do?

2. What do you believe are the top 3 business reasons organizations should
strive to be a learning organization?

3. What are some of the specific individual, group, and organizational
interventions you believe can help organizations in their pursuit of
becoming a learning organization?

4. Do you believe certain industries are more apt to embrace the concept
of becoming a learning organization? If so, which ones?

5. Do you believe it is realistic for government organizations to become
learning organizations? What would be the 3business2 reasons for them to
strive to be a LO?

6. If you had to name the main ingredients needed in an organization to
begin the process of becoming a LO, what would they be?

7. Do you believe the concept of the LO will ever be achieved in
organizations on a global scale to the extent that it is a business norm
vs. the exception?

All the best,
Nancy Polend


Nancy Polend <nanjr@erols.com>

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