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Lau Wah Yuen (alamak@cyberway.com.sg)
Mon, 11 May 1998 00:37:46 +0800

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Hi, everyone on this list. I have been lurking for some time now,
enjoying the stimulating exchange that goes on. I am very sure that with
the combined knowledge bank that this list possesses, I would receive some
very constructive feedback and comments about my request.

I am a part-time student on a Masters in Education (T&D) programme and
will be commencing on my research paper very soon. The area that I am
thinking of exploring is in the field of distance learning. I would like
to carry out an inductive study on whether a student's learning
orientation has any effect on the gains that he/she gets out of a distance
learning programme. Some instruments that I am thinking of administering
are: LSI and SDLRS.

I would greatly appreciate if anyone could point out to me:
- any relevant previous research I should look at
- any resources/references that I should get my hands on
- any issues I should consider
- if I am out of my mind to undertake such a study

Thanks in advance and look forward to hearing from you.

Lau Wah Yuen
mail to:wylau1@mmm.com or


"Lau Wah Yuen" <alamak@cyberway.com.sg>

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