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Mon, 11 May 1998 20:42:54 -0700

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> take the easy way out, and just decide this one for yourself (in lieu of
> deciding what it is for others). It's quite easy for me to understand
> this, because I find it easy to choose between harming and not harming
> others. I choose "not harming" most of the time--actually, I choose to
> avoid "unnecessary violence" to others (including my environment).

As far as I can tell, I've done what you suggest, and I continue to do it.
I don't find it easy, though, at least not all the time. Every now and
then I have to update my idea of what harm means, and it's often a painful
experience that triggers that.

I do not advocate deciding what harm means for others. What I want is
that any time we consider codifying our definition of harm into law, we
first do some serious dialogue about the definition.

Re: Principle of Confidentiality

> Again, we don't need to sort it out. Just sort it out for yourself. If
> you need to clarify with another person (like me, for instance, if we're
> involved in sharing confidentialities), then, let's ensure we share this
> ethical principle beforehand.

I agree with you. I guess I was wanting to jump into the clarification
before I agreed that I share the principle, or even that we need to
clarify it between us! Thank you for reigning me in.

> The right of future generations is common among many indigineous cultures.

I agree that it is common, and many people in the US share this as a
cultural principle. I'm still not clear about which rights we are
discussing when we talk about the right of future generations.

> What's very important, Dale, is that each person reflect on her or his
> principles, values and ethics and sort them out individually; and that
> organizations openly discuss and disclose the ethical principles, rights
> and values that are appropriate within the organizational context.

Yes. In addition to discussing and disclosing these principles and
values, I would love to see people continue to *negotiate* them in



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