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Mnr AM de Lange writes:
> The name of this topic is "What need does speed satisfy?"
> Tom, what would you think will happen when management begin to press
> for much faster transformations from the "tacit" to the "expressed"
> levels of knowledge? Do you think they will be able to handle it?
> (Here in South Africa the newest slogan for road safety now is

> If we study the history of this transformation through the ages, it
> is clear that it is a very slow (timely) process. And this is not
> strange, because the more complex any creation, the longer its
> creation time. The transformation from the "tacit" to the "expressed"
> is, in my opnion, very complex. This is a very important angle to
> bear in mind when setting up a LO.

In software development, when deadlines loom, managers often put pressure
on their people to finish their tasks sooner, cutting corners if
necessary. About the simplest (and most profound) counterarguments to
this practice was expressed by a leading software engineering writer, Tim

People under pressure don't think faster.


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