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Tue, 12 May 1998 20:15:21 +1200

I commenced my journey of discovery with the 'learning organisation' when
i combined degree completion and work requirements by researching and
preparing a paper on the Learning Organisation and the New Zealand Police.
With the guidance of mentor, Mark Feenstra, I reviewed 30 odd books and
200 journal articles and prepared a 43,000 word paper on my understanding
of the learning organisation, how the New Zealand Police were aligned with
the principles I put forward, and what might be necessary to become more
like a learning organisation. from there I became actively involved in
the Organisational learning Foundation of new Zealand (OLF) of which I am
now a trustee. I also had the opportunity to restructure 2 Police
Districts in line with the principles I have been grappling with.

I am an Inspector in the New Zealand Police. My current adventure
involves redesigning the performance management system for the department
(8500 employees). They have had several attempts at pautting appraisal
systems in place (because everyone has one) and have now given me the
opportunity to solve the seemingly 'unsolvable'. I am currently
developing a set of strategies that will promote a learning culture....

I am keenly intersted in how the learning org. relates to performance
management, measurement, and reward systems, restructuring and overcoming
the x men who see workers as little more than beasts of burden. Any
information that establishes a causal link between levels of employee
workplace engagement and productivity would aslso be useful. Finally, the
strategies/interventions/innovations required to bridge from today's
culture to tomorrows in a way that remaiuns consistent with the desired
practices of tomorrow.

i look forward to the conversation.


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