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Rol Fessenden (
Tue, 12 May 1998 23:08:00 -0400

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You make a good point. "I'm wondering if you are confusing 'passivity'
with 'total cooperation.'"

I have been trying unsuccessfully to live within this artificial
distinction that puts collaboration and competition at opposite ends of
the same spectrum. I actually believe that one can and should be
competitive, cooperative, persuasive, demanding, democratic, and directive
all to various degrees depending on the nature of the situation. Any
attempt to simplify is doomed to failure. Any attempt to declare one of
these 'bad' is equally doomed to failure. They are all just part of life,
and they are actually quite valuable. King actually displayed all of
these. He was not by any means uncompetitive. However, he was also
collaborative, demanding, and persuasive.


Rol Fessenden

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