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Tue, 19 May 1998 22:45:31 +0100

Replying to LO18106 --

Jody, You asked,

"What is your personal sense of purpose or mission? How does your work
help you fulfill it?"

This is a big topic for me, because I see the implication taking me in so
many directions. I've used the following statement for the past three
years as my mission statement.

"To enable leaders and their organizations to learn to lead as communities
of shared vision and collaborative action through strategic initiatives of
high impact."

What drives me is leadership and community. The leadership side is about
seeing people released from their fears, inhibitions and organizational
shackles to fulfill their potential. It is about helping them understand
how they can become persons of influence in the lives of others, whether
at work, in their families community. The community side concerns my
belief that excellence in organizations is essentially about how people
relate to one another. It concerns their identity within their community
and their workplace, their sense of dignity and respect in relation with
their co-workers, their conviction about what their contribution is and
the experience of being recognized for it, and nurtured to do better, and
finally the experience of working on a team which is more than the sum of
its individual members, but an experience of achievement. It is this
experience of the community of leadership which I think elevates the
purpose of an organization and enhances their ability to achieve greater
things than they once thought.

Thanks for asking.

Ed Brenegar
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