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Wed, 20 May 1998 17:08 +0100 (BST)

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You raise the point that assessing a carrier landing is easier than
assessment in most business settings.

Yes and no.

Yes - clearly a landing is single observable event and maybe one of
several that a person is watching so they get the opportunity to do some
instant comparisons. I doubt that they can do it using absolute criteria,
because I would expect people to generally get better over time.

No - I believe that in business we rarely look for situations that can be
measured in such ways or do not have the opportunity to make such swift
and observable comparisons. ANS we could make a much bigger effort. Sales
people often get assessed is just a up front a way. Many people have
targets to make and are ruthlessly (often inappropriately as this thread
has shown)assessed. I believe that we should encourage more precise and
observable feedback. I do believe that feedback of this nature can,(I
stress can, not always) stimulate improvement

This thread has been a delight to follow. I have often had comments
forming and then read something about my thoughts at my next access.

Many thanks to everyone who is making this such an interesting thread.

Ian Saunders
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