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Thu, 21 May 1998 21:19:02, -0500

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For what it's worth -

1) cooperation is superior to competition in promoting achievement and

2) cooperation is superior to individualistic efforts in promoting
achievement and productivity,

3) cooperation without intergroup competition promotes higher achievement
and productivity than cooperation with intergroup competition,

4) interpersonal competitive and individualistic goal structures have no
significant effects on achievement and productivity.

From an extensive meta-analysis conducted in 1981 to evaluate the
effects of cooperative, competitive and individualistic interaction on
achievement (Johnson, Maruyama, Johnson, Nelson and Skon, 1981),
Psychological Bulletin, 89 (1), 47-62, as discussed in an article in the
February/March Issue of Momentum entitled "Cooperative Learning and
Catholic Schools: A Natural Partnership" written by Ronald J. Nuzzi.

Geof Fountain


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