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Fri, 22 May 1998 09:28:20 -0400

Dear colleagues

Can any one kindly provide me information on the following: I am trying
to setup a one-day (or so) awareness seminar on Quality for media, PR and
Education/training directors in businesses, agencies, organizations,
institutions in a try-city of about 150,000 people. The idea is to get
people in or close to the media (radio, TV, newspaper, electronic media,
etc.) to recognize and be on the lookout for quality initiatives in the
community and to make it known through their venue. Also, I am juggling
with the idea of getting a team of 4 or 5 interested media people to work
with me in developing and delivering a media Q-tips (Quality tips, notes
and quotes, etc) series of short key messages on Quality (TQM, CQI,
Learning organizations, Reflective practitioners and derivatives thereof)
to be aired and printed on a continuous basis with continuous updating.

I would appreciate very much any info., sources, references, e-mail, and
web sites or discussion lists to visit on this or closely related matter.

Thanks and regards to all for your considerate attention.

Gilles G. Nadeau, Ph.D., Professeur titulaire associi / Adjunct professor
Q & E Project Director / Directeur du projet Q & E
Research Group on Quality and Evaluation in Education and Higher Education /
Groupe de recherche sur la qualite et l'evaluation en education et enseignement superieur
Universite de Moncton
Moncton, NB E1A 3E9 CANADA
Tel: (506) 858-4406
Fax: (506) 858-4317
CQE - Education, Inc.



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