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Dear Fran,

Some companies that come to mind instantly are Ford, GE and Xerox.
Fortunately, the cultural changes they have gone through have been of deep
interest to the researchers, so there are interesting books on all three,
books written "from the inside." This is both plus and minus; plus,
because you get to know what the perpetrators had in mind; minus, because
you may be getting a somewhat sanitized version. Nevertheless, these make
for interesting reading:

Kearns, D. T., & Nadler, D. A. (1992). Prophets in the Dark: How
Xerox Reinvented Itself and Beat Back the Japanese. New York: Harper.
Mishne, P. P. (1988, November 1988). A Passion for Perfection.
Manufacturing Engineering, 104, 46-58.
Schlesinger, L. A. (1989). Transformation at Ford (Case
9-390-083). Boston: Harvard Business School.
Shook, R. L. (1990). Turnaround: The New Ford Motor Company. New
York: Prentice Hall.
Taub, E. (1991). Taurus: The Making of the Car that Saved Ford.
New York: Dutton.
Jacobson, G., & Hillkirk, J. (1986). Xerox: American Samurai. New
York: Macmillan.
Slater, R. (1993). The New GE: How Jack Welch Revived an American
Institution. Homewood, IL: Business One Irwin.
Tichy, N. M., & Charan, R. (1989). Speed, Simplicity,
Self-Confidence: An Interview with Jack Welch. Harvard Business Review,
67(5 (September-October)), 112-120.
Tichy, N. M., & Sherman, S. (1993). Control Your Destiny or
Someone Else Will: How Jack Welch is Making General Electric the World's
Most Competitive Corporation. New York: Currency Doubleday.

You might also find cases on Ford, Xerox and GE from Harvard
useful; you can preview them on-line ag (if I've got
that right).

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Good luck!

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