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ANNOUNCEMENT--FREE Special Author TELE-Interview

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Thomas G. Crane
The Heart Of Coaching
Using Transformational Coaching To Create A HIGH PERFORMANCE Culture

YOU ARE INVITED to attend a Special Author TELE-Interview with
"Coach" Thomas G. Crane, author of the book "The Heart Of
Coaching: Using Transformational Coaching To Create A HIGH
PERFORMANCE Culture." This one-hour, live TELE-interview will be
facilitated by Laureen Quick, President & Senior Consultant of

June 5, 1998
2:00-3:00 p.m. (Eastern Daylight Time)

The book, "The Heart Of Coaching: Using Transformational Coaching
To Create A HIGH PERFORMANCE Culture" introduces "Transformational
Coaching"--a fundamentally different way of approaching the process
of leading others to enhance their performance.

"Transformational Coaching" is a coaching process that facilitates
the development of egalitarian, mutually-supportive, high-trust
partnerships between people that transcend the traditional boss/
subordinate roles. The "Transformational Coaching" process is
accomplished in three phases:

1. THE FOUNDATION PHASE, in which the leader creates a coaching
relationship and the climate in which coaching can occur and
in which the coach prepares for a particular coaching session.

2. THE LEARNING LOOP, in which the leader-coach shares feedback,
applies his or her listening skills and engages in dialogue
with the individual being coached in order to facilitate a
learning exchange.

3. THE FORWARDING-THE-ACTION PHASE, in which the leader-coach works
to build positive momentum and create a commitment for change.

The focus of this one-hour live interview will be on the three phases
of transformational coaching and the role of the leader as a coach
dedicated to develop the personal effectiveness and performance of
those they lead.

If you are interested in attending this special Author TELE-Interview
please complete the registration form below and e-mail it to and in the subject line type "registration"
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interview FREE of charge, your participation will involve a normal
long distance call to Las Vegas, Nevada.

Additionally an Executive Book Summary of "The Heart Of Coaching"
is available FREE to anyone who would like one. Please send an
e-mail to and in the subject line type "request"
(without the quotation marks) and a summary will be sent to you.

Finally, please note that in order to allow for active audience
participation during the interview, registration is limited to 25
and is provided on a first-come, first-served basis. Confirmation
of registration along with an executive summary, and telephone
bridge information will be provided.

About "Coach" Thomas G. Crane
Thomas G. Crane is a consultant, facilitator, and coach who
specializes in coaching leaders to build high performance teams.
He works with leaders and leadership teams to enhance individual
leadership effectiveness so that they can better lead their
organizations toward performance objectives. For over a decade,
he has refined his techniques as a consultant and engagement
leader, navigating strategic change and cultural alignment in
large and small organizations.

His company, Crane Consulting, helps leaders to create the
feedback-rich, team-based, high performance organization
described in the book, "The Heart Of Coaching: Using
Transformational Coaching To Create A HIGH PERFORMANCE Culture."

Ex Libris Special Author TELE-Interview
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