Learning Application of the Future LO18214 -Contest

Mark Ollendorff (mollendorff@cybernautics.com)
Thu, 28 May 1998 10:25:17 -0700


I'd passed along information a few weeks ago about a contest for college
students being run by Macromedia, the "Authorware Academic Challenge",
that gives participants the chance to win some great prizes for themselves
and their school by using Authorware (a free downloadable version) to
develop the computer-based "Learning Application of the Future." (Prizes
include a Power Mac G3 workstation, Jaz or Zip drives, or a copy of
Authorware for individuals, as well as a multi-user Authorware license for
the winning school.)

Anyway, if you or others in your school plan on participating, just a
reminder that all entries are due by June 19th. If you need full
information on how to submit your entry or if you are unfamiliar with the
contest and need more info, go to the Macromedia Learning Division site --
http://learning.macromedia.com -- and follow the link to the "Authorware
Academic Challenge".

Hope you are able to participate.

Good luck,


Mark Ollendorff <mollendorff@cybernautics.com>

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