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Dale Emery (dale@dhemery.com)
Fri, 29 May 1998 10:58:59 -0700

Replying to LO18208 --


> Within the metaphor of this joke, what are the implications for a LO?
> - Should a LO make the battery more productive?

The answer depends on who is asking. The battery's shareholders and
customers would say yes. The hens will want to know how any changes will
affect them.

Who gains from the increased production? Who loses? Who gains and loses
from the specific behavior changes used to increase production?

> - Should a LO make the hens happy and satisfied?

Again, it depends on who is asking. A hen will say yes. Do you care
about hens' happiness?

In a battery, the hens are captive. If you try that with human beings in
an organization, they will put some of their effort into something other
than producing for you.

> - Should a LO design the battery in a way to avoid a systemic break down?

First I want to know what problem the battery is solving. Is that a
problem you really want to be solving? Is the battery really a good way
to solve it? If so, design to make the battery hold together.

> - Should a LO enable their hens to survive on the farm?

I don't think that is necessary. Certainly don't prevent the hens from
increasing their capability, even if that capability could help them
survive elsewhere. Learn how to create an environment where the hens want
to stay.

> - Should a LO be a farm?

A LO should structure itself in whatever way makes sense to further its

> - Does any of the five disciplines make any sense for a hen in a battery?

If you're a hen, they all make sense.

> He found that we are slaves of our
> needs and that our efforts to satisfy these needs are desastrous enough to
> destroy the basics of life.

I see people chase after all kinds of things to make them happy. When
they get it, they want more. When they get that, they want more. They
work themselves sick, give their lives to the chase, and forget that what
they were after was happiness.



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