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Mon, 29 Jun 1998 16:21:59 EDT

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I am forwarding a posting I received this morning as a member of an
automatic distribution. I thought it interest some of you. The website
(www.mgeneral.com) is a great place to visit regularly to see the new
"ezzays" that have been put up. Each one is posted for a few days and
then a new one comes up that is provided by an invited author. They all
go back into sections of "archives" that are great to browse through.

Duluth, MN (June 29, 1998) -- A novel approach to teaching leadership
begins today when Dr. Jerry Pepper of The University of Minnesota-Duluth
begins a two-week course which will be primarily electronic.

"I'm experimenting with an almost-no-paper-at-all college course after
students requested that the Internet become more prominent in our academic
regimen. The class that starts today is about Group Leadership and will be
taught in an intensive two-week format," Dr. Pepper said. "Most every
aspect of the course that traditionally would be in paper form -- from the
syllabus to discussion handouts and, eventually, even examinations -- will
be online."

Dr. Pepper's class will meet for several hours each day and a lot of the
course content will come from materials which are online. "I'll be
tracking the students' reactions to the way I'm teaching this class as
well as to the course content," he said, noting that he will be keeping a
day-by-day diary of how the class is going -- asking his students to do
the same thing.

"The MANAGEMENT GENERAL website and THE ANATOMY OF FIRE, an e-book by Tom
Brown, will be the basis for half of the course content. No group of
readers to-date will have examined this book as rigorously as my students
in this class," he said.

"What makes this arrangement perfect in my mind is the fact that Tom
Brown's book about leadership is ahead of its time not only in content but
in the way he has packaged it, illustrated it, and offered it to the world
without charge," he added.

Dr. Pepper said he is open to receiving queries about the progress of his
class. Pepper's e-mail address is < gpepper@d.umn.edu >; MANAGEMENT GENERAL is
@ < http://www.mgeneral.com >.


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