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Lee Holmer wrote:
> I am particularly interested in ASSESSMENT INSTRUMENTS which are currently
> in use for developmental or research purposes. My research goal is to
> assess the extent to which current developmental practice and research
> address the individual psychological and emotional development which (in
> my opinion) is the essential prerequisite of sustainable learning. Thanks
> in advance for your help.


The word "assessment" is a little loose. Can I therefore take the liberty
of assuming that you include learning assessments .. i.e. the measuring of
the ability to learn. If so, this may include strategies of learning.
Simply put, most of us have different approaches and mechanisms of
learning things, and we subconciously try out each of those strategies
when faced with a problem. We adopt the one that seems to get us

An individual, with the following organisation of course who has
researched this best to my knowledge, is Prof Reuvan Feuerstein in Israel.
While his work has been mainly with children, others particularly in the
US have worked with adults.

As a first reader, and it is very, very readable, try Howard Sharron's
"Changing Children's Minds", ISBN 1-8981-49-24-0. Howard runs a British
educational publishing company in Birmingham UK.

In the US contact the Skylight organisation, They are
the key publishers of Feuerstein related material, run courses, etc.

Or try Linda A Borsum at Quality Learning Systems International. Linda
works out of Battle Creek, phone 616-965-6339.

I give her name since she did some work for the British Deming Association
earlier ths year, and on the strength of that we have invited her back in
late September to give the first of the one week duration main courses in
this business.

Roy Greenhalgh


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