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Don wrote:

> Rol Fessenden writes:
> > Let me say something that is probably highly unprofessional. You can't
> > really be a good manager and give sound, high quality feedback to someone
> > you don't care a lot about. Caring about others -- deeply caring about
> > them -- is a necessary prerequisite to being a really good manager.
> Your assertion is probably as highly professional as possible. In another
> mailing list, there was a brief discussion of Robert Pirsig's "Zen and the
> Art of Motorcycle Maintenance". One message gave a quote from the book
> that I'd missed in reading the book: "Care and Quality are the internal
> and external aspects of the same thing." Since having it pointed out to
> me, I keep finding ways in which it applies.

I've read a quote by Rupert Lay (a Jesuit priest in Europe who is also a
business consultant) that translates very roughly as, "to find out if
managers are ethical, ask them the names of the children of their



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