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Dr. Steve Eskow (dreskow@magicnet.net)
Mon, 13 Jul 1998 07:51:10 -0700

Replying to LO18577 --

Vana Prewitt writes:

>The above discussion is one I hear often and I don't want to miss the
>opportunity to distinguish between the appropriate use of distance
>learning and poorly designed / conceived excuses to take away the
>instructor and replace it with a computer. I've found that making the
>differences clear to anyone "opposed" to learning technologies quickly
>changes their minds.

Have you talked to many faculty senates or teacher's unions, Vana, and
successfuly changed their minds about granting credit for courses
delivered at a distance?

I've probably been in front of 1200 faculty members in my time, and had
successes, but never found it quite as easy as you suggest.

Steve Eskow


"Dr. Steve Eskow" <dreskow@magicnet.net>

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