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Hello Madeline,

On Sun, 12 Jul 1998, Madeline Keyes wrote:
> I am a graduate student at the University of West Chester in Pennsylvania.
> I am presently studying workshops and training and have been "tasked" to
> teach a workshop using some ideas developed around dialogue. I'm
> currently looking for a few exercises. Any details on those found in
> Peter Senge's book, "The Fifth Discipline" Any other suggestions or ideas
> on approaches, etc.?

I'm an "organizational cartoonist", and my focus is dialogue and teh
creative connection. My technique is to show my audience "their world" in
a data rich, Mad Magazine style cartoon.

While most artists strive to package a message that their audience is
supposed to "get" by viewing the image, I've discovered the next step,
which is to create material that invokes a reaction. viewers see
themselves (more or less) in the cartoon and tell the person next to them
"there, that's my world, let me tell you about my world..." and pretty
soon you find them sharing ideas, information and discovering creative
connections they would NOT have stumbled across in the more traditional
discussion (concussion/percussion) approach to comunicating information.

Check out my website:

Please realize that the site is still transitioning from a "stream of
conciousness" into a coherent presentation, as many of our websites do.

I'm still learning as well.

Michael Erickson
Organizational Cartoonist -- The Boeing DCAC/MRM program

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