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Rol, Amazon com has Mary Parker Follett, Prophet of Management : a
celebration of the 1920's for $13.56. The source documents must be in the

According to a brief bio on her (, her
book "Dynamic Administration" was issued in 1941 after her death. Perhaps
a university library has it. Her other books include "The speaker of the
House of Representatives" (1896), "The New State" (1923), "Creative
Experience" (1924) and "Freedom and Coordination: Lectures in Business
Organization" (1949). All of these books are out of print.

Vana Prewitt

Rol Fessenden wrote:

> I have tried to find writings of Follett, but they are not available. Any
> thoughts?


[Host's note: In association with, here is a link for Mary Parker Follett : Prophet of Management


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