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Martin Silcock (
29 Jul 98 15:41:24 +0000

Dear LO ers

I am currently designing a project to improve internal communications
within a 35 strong graphic design consultancy.

The plan is to hold cross discipline (account management, creative,
production) work sessions to identify and explore the causes of internal
communication problems and issues between departments and generally within
the business.

Following this we will establish a series of improvement projects that can
be implemented within three months with specific objectives, roles and

Does anyone have any advice or experience of addressing the following key
cmmmunication symptoms or any methods approaches used in successful


- Misinterpreted client briefs
- Clashes of priority on projects in different parts of the process
- Lack of respect for each others discipline and work pressures
- Generally not knowing how business is performing or key issues facing

Any input or thoughts will be welcome

Martin Silcock


Martin Silcock <>

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