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> So let me conclude this foray into abstraction with a concrete question.
> If you are negotiating a contract for a project either internally or
> externally, how to design that contract to make learning a core value of
> the contract? If we are serious about learning, how to we structure it
> into our proposals for projects?
> Looking forward to some concrete suggestions.


Very interesting question. Quite right to put me (and others, hopefully)
on the spot. Some initial thoughts:

1. All projects should contain within them a plan for the future,
periodic, measurement of their performance.

2. This measurement sub-plan should incorporate metrics on learning
performance and capabilities, both project-issue specific (e.g. how much
better we are at processing claims forms, if that is the focus of the
project) and organisationally generic (e.g. how much did we learn about
inter-departmental cooperation and coordination through this claims
processing project).

3. Just as all projects have (or should have) a finanical de-briefing
(i.e. was our spending on budget, did we get (or are we getting) the
returns from this expenditure that we planned), they should also have a
knowledge de-briefing (i.e. what were the key lessons gained from the
project; what knowledge was gained, or built upon; where are the expected
returns from these gains expected to come). Perhaps this is a (possibly
THE) key role for the Chief Knowledge Officer (CKO) of an organisation
(the ones I've been in contact with are still very, very unsure as to what
their roles and responsibilities really are).

Ed (et. al.) I'm aware that these suggestions are more towards the "mud"
than "reinforced" side of the concreteness you are looking for. But,
hopefully it is a start.



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