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Wed, 26 Aug 1998 22:38:58 -0400

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Richard & Ed,

Ed, in responding to Richard, you said,

> I've reread your posting LO 18908 and the one below. What occurs to me,
>and particularly after your comment on Senge's lack of real world

It may be in the handbook, but there were real examples. Unfortunately,
the bulk of the examples were about sports teams, symphonies, dance
groups, etc. Unfortunate not because these are not good examples.
Unfortunate only becausethey share a critical trait that is not available
in most profit or non-profit organizations, and that is that they all
spend more time practicing than in executing (one could add military org
here as well). Personally, I believe this is why they are such good
examples of learning orgs. I don't understand how to transport that
example to environments where practice is not practiced.


Rol Fessenden

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