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Thu, 27 Aug 1998 16:32:36 -0400

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Hello friends;

This is again an incredible dialogue, and I am so happy to participate in
such important stuff...

At wrote:
> What do we fragment from systems thinking which renders it
> powerless? I can think of many things. I will note only three
> important things: God, life and creativity. It is the horrible
> "system" which remains which is causing all the hurt.

I think of systems thinking as an inclusive process where the possibility
of fragmentation or categoricity only becomes part of the system. For
example, can the feedback received from the obvious or not-so-obvious
"missing fragments" become part of the system?

You seem to have chosen some pretty big hitters as examples, At, but is
this really a situation of a fragmented systems-thinking picture of the
universal system, or something else? It seems that excluding God, life
and creativity from our "universal system" leaves us with something
less...and I wasn't aware that, by nature of the shared meaning of
"systems-thinking" that it could be fragmented.

My perception is that the process of systems thinking was a "becoming"
process and not a "being" state. Please share your thoughts?

Charlie Saur


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