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John SCOTT (jls@mngt.waikato.ac.nz)
Mon, 02 Nov 1998 20:25:42 +1300

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>Jack Nicklaus was once asked, "What do you think about when
>you stand over the ball about to hit a drive?". He thought about it,
>then replied "I think, 'Swing'."

This almost sounds like he hadn't thought about it before and gave a
simplistic answer. In contrast, I have heard that Nicklaus was capable of
"thinking" up to EIGHT swing thoughts. Now some of these were probably
setup rather than swing thoughts, but this is still in contrast with the

What I find interesting is:
How to allow Unconscious Competence to operate without interference from
the Conscious dimension. Some of Nicklaus's swing thoughts were probably
devices to distract the Conscious mind from interfering with his
Unconscious Competence. It is a pure skill indeed which does not have any
inner chatter analysing and criticising our best efforts; letting the
Unconscious Competence have free reign.

Part of this seems to be our negative self. 80 to 90% of the 50,000
thoughts we have in a day are supposed to have negative bias. Does anyone
have an explanation for that?

John Scott

New Zealand


"John SCOTT" <jls@mngt.waikato.ac.nz>

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