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Scott Simmerman wrote:

> Dave K posts
> >Sad, too, is how much "wasted" energy is expended by people
> >"creating" or
> >"discovering" what has already been identified by someone else,

I agree whole-heartedly with David K. I also understand what Scott is
saying and although I agree with Scott, I can't see why someone needs to
go through the pain of childbirth when one can adopt. You don't need to
wait 9 months for a fully developed product .

[Recognize that a fundamental aspect of any real improvement is
Scott Simmerman, Ph.D]

An adopted child still needs nurturing, attention, direction, and in the
process bonding can occur. If one is a believer in continuous quality
improvement, the initial acquisition will change and continue to evolve
under your influence.

Jacqueline V. Coppola MSN StudentSonoma State University


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