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In reading At de Lange's response to Steve Eskow in LO19725, I came across
this passage, presumably from Steve Eskow's posting in LO19674...

[Host's Note: Yes, Fred, you have the correct attribution. ...Rick]

>>For example, in our time Christians continue to kill and
>>main in the US to show their disagreement with those of
>>our citizens who support the right of women to have
>>abortions. Strangely, the often nonbelievers and atheists
>>who support abortion do not kill the Christians: it's the
>>devout Christians who are the violent ones.

I think people who call themselves Christians do some of those things. I
do not think of them as Christians. I view them as beasts, masquerading
as Christians. Were I to accept Eskow's paragraph above, I could simply
call myself anything I like and my behavior would accrue to all those who
rightfully wear the label I have donned. Being baptized in a Christian
religion does not make one a Christian. Attending a Christian Church
regularly does not make one a Christian. Spouting the bible does not make
one a Christian. Claiming to be a Christian does not make one a
Christian. What makes one a Christian is adherence to the teachings of
Christ. Murdering and maiming others are not acts that fit with the
teachings of Christ.

So, speaking for myself, I do not accept the assertions made by the good
Dr. Steve. The paragraph is simply not true--unless Steve wishes to
stipulate that, by "Christians" he means anyone who claims to be a
Christian, was baptized a Christian, attends a Christian church regularly,
or spouts the bible (particularly the new testament) as justification for
un-Christian acts. But such stipulations, I think, would make the
paragraph meaningless.



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