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I am the senior planner and administrator for a Tribal Council
representing the interests of 3 First Nations (i.e. Native Canadian
Tribes). They live in very remote sections of the British Columbia mid
coast. The 3 Nations are Oweekeno, Kitasoo and Nuxalk. Only the latter has
road access and daily plane service.

Years ago I was a student of Donald Schon's at M.I.T. I did one of my
Ph.D. comprehensive exams in 1982 on "Social Learning", working from the
basis of his and Chris Argyris' classic "Organizational Learning: A Theory
of Action Perspective." I started a dissertation but did not finish on the
possibilities and limits to learning within an extended social domain,
namely the many actors who interact around Native fisheries issues.

My present interests still include the possibilities for learning among
interacting organizations but I am especially focused on the applicability
of organizational learning theory and practice to the 3 First Nations I
work for. As you might imagine, the barriers resulting from many decades
of subjugation and attempted acculturation, are enormous. I expect to be
working and thinking on this until the day I die.

Norman Dale
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