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Paul Foley (paul@kynesis.co.uk)
Wed, 4 Nov 98 11:45:28 +0100

For those of you on the list who live in Scotland......

An organisational learning network has been established to play its part
in moving Scotland towards being a well-managed knowledge economy. Along
the same lines as the SoL model ( http://www.sol-ne.org ) the Scottish
Organisational Learning Network has four constiuent groups:

Academics Provide access to leading edge thought in a way that is
consumable by non-academics!

Consultants Share experience and methodology. Encourage clients to

Economic Development Organisations Enable dissemination of good
practices and encourage the participation of clients.

Organisations Demonstrate a willingness to apply new ideas and
enable others to learn from their experiences.

Some further information is available on a temporary web page at
www.kynesis.co.uk/soln.html or contact me directly.

Orrabest :)

Paul Foley

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