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Steve, Jon:

The most Christian man I know is Hindu. It is not, in my opinion, the God
you worship but how you act and react to the souls around you. In an LO,
as I understand the concept, it is how you treat your fellow employee, how
you solve the problems of the organization and the attitude of compassion
and cooperation that defines the culture of the organization. I feel this
also holds true in your personal life.

The violence and the wrongs incurred in the name of a religion, or sect of
religion, are NOT the teachings of the religion but of the men who
misinterpret that religion. The aggression of one religion against another
is the product of MAN not the religion itself. The same holds true with
one organization against another, or within an organization itself. It is
not the organization that is wrong it is the misinterpretation of the
mission and vision and goals by the people within that cause the problems.

This maybe construed as the simplistic end of At's complex - simplistic
argument. Which by definition makes it complex? I think of it as a middle
of the road - non - committal approach, working to pull both ends closer
to the middle.

Bruce Jones


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