Systems Thinking vs Belief? LO19753
Fri, 6 Nov 1998 02:22:41 EST

At wrote (LO19730): We cannot think about systems or even transform our
thinking into systems thinking if we have not done the most elementary of
simple activities -- draw a border which distinguishes the inside of the
system from the outside of the system.

I agree, and would go even farther: all thinking uses boundaries and
distinctions, not just systems thinking. But my main point (in LO19717)
was that in our system of systems thinking we tend to put thinking
inside and other types of knowing outside: nonverbal awareness, flashes
of insight, intuition, e.g.

At wrote: how can we escape this trap of "dialectical duality" which the
"draw a mark which distinguishes" may lead us into? By introducing a "rich
diversity" into our ST as soon as possible, before the trap can even begin
to function.

I disagree. No matter how fecund or numerous the intellectual
understandings and expressions, without stimulating other modes of knowing
it will only amount to a complex accumulation distinctions. Still a trap
of circular references within a closed intellectual system. Winfried wrote
(LO19740): Complexity always turns out into an overload of information.
And sometimes to infostress, as he points out.

At asks: Is it possible to set up a ST without having to resort to a
"dialectical duality"?

If youre focusing on *Systems ***Thinking****, I would say no. Thinking
*by itself* always involves distinctions, and also *perceived or felt
separations*. But if you ask whether its possible to set up *Systems
Views* without resorting only to dualistic measures, I would say yes, it
is. If nonverbal awareness encompasses and accompanies (verbal)
reasoning, it is possible to think and make distinctions without having to
experience the field of awareness as being divided. The two modes of
knowing can complement each other.

Winfried wrote: What will stop this negative trend? Integration of
intuition and feelings in our inner judgement processes

This aligns very well with what I am saying above.

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