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Fred Nickols (nickols@worldnet.att.net)
Tue, 10 Nov 1998 05:32:22 -0500

Replying to Steve Eskow in LO LO19763, who writes in part...

>We have here with us almost every day a skilled lecturer who weaves long
>his own vocabulary and linguistic constructions and beliefs into long and
>carefully constructed structures.
>At's messages here are long lectures.
>And his lectures have won him applause here, and a following.
>That is why the lecture outlives its critics.

It makes sense to me. First-rate lecturers are also few and far
between--at least in my experience. I think the lecture is also a way of
"telling stories" and that, I believe, is what At de Lange really does--he
tells dandy stories; stories worth reading and listening to (i.e., reading
aloud), stories worth studying and understanding, stories worth

Just as a good novel or even a good professional paper is a one-way
communication, so is a good story or a good lecture. At de Lange seems to
be pretty good at it.



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