Environmental scanning experiences LO19842

Walter Derzko (wderzko@pathcom.com)
Fri, 13 Nov 1998 17:48:53 -0800

I'm looking for Canadian firms who may want to exchange views on their
"environmental scanning" experiences.
(N.B. not the same as competitive intelligence)

Most of the examples that I have read about involve US or European outfits.

I'd like to form a small group of non-competing organizations, that would
meet occasionally to "talk shop".

One of my clients wants to do some benchmarking before setting up a formal
environmental scanning program. What top Canadian firms have active and
formal environmental scanning programs in place ?

(please excuse the cross-posting)

Walter Derzko
Director Brain Space
(formerly the Idea Lab at
the Design Exchange)
(416) 588-1122


"Walter Derzko" <wderzko@pathcom.com>

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