Continuous vs continual improvement LO19897

Scott Simmerman (
Tue, 17 Nov 1998 17:01:00 -0500

Jon Krispin, in Continuous vs continual improvement LO19862, said in part,

"I felt that Deming's understanding of improvement
((compared to Michael Hammer)) was much broader and included the
type of thinking that they were proposing (a side note, Deming's
application of SPC was focused primarily on continuous improvement of
existing (and almost exclusively manufacturing) processes. His
philosophical discussions, however, included considerations much further
"upstream", such as redesigning the entire process with the aim in mind)."

Gosh yes. Deming included people in his thinking.

Hammer admitted, a couple of years after companies reframed
"reengineering" into "downsizing" and caused a great deal of human damage
to occur in companies worldwide, that his background as an engineer did
not give him any perspective on people issues (I have the article
somewhere in files - Wall Street Journal).

Deming seemed to really have it together - his principles are clear. Too
bad most organizations don't understand his main points.


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