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Peter Fullerton (peterxyz@ozemail.com.au)
Wed, 18 Nov 1998 11:39:14 +1100

Replying to LO19830 --

I fully support Dr Eskow's eloquent feedback and invitation.

>Thank you for your commentary on my remarks on lectures and sermons. I
>would like to comment on your remarks.
>> It is not the mode of delivery (lecture or sermon) which cause this range
>> of responses, but the differences between the mental models of the speaker
>> and listeners:- forced indoctrination vs spontaneous dialogue, closed
>> judgements vs open questioning, rigid orthodoxy vs moderate counseling,
>> etc.
>You are factually in error here. There are those who reject . . .


Peter Fullerton


Peter Fullerton <peterxyz@ozemail.com.au>

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