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Karl Seymour (
Sun, 22 Nov 1998 21:16:23 +0000


I'm completely new to this discussion group. I'd really appreciate some
insight from anyone who's got an opinion on an idea I'm trying to develop
for an organisational project I'm doing as part of an MA in Management and
Organisational Learning (in Bristol, UK). I'm hoping to explore
similarities between different types of communities which share a common
vision which leads to a state of euphoria which leads to people feeling
like they've created a supportive learning community.

My aim is to prove (or disprove) a theory I have that this euphoric state
is potentially a hinderence to the creation of such a community in the
long term, as it builds on immediate emotional responses, rather than
sustainable growth.

My course is partly based on experiential learning in groups. I've
witnessed people within these groups exhibit behaviours that seem to be
reflected in other (pseudo)communities such as organised religion, rock
concerts, nightclubs (particularly in relation to drug-culture) etc. . .
a few months on, there seems to be less evidence of what may have appeared
to have been a supportive learning community previously. Any personal
theories, beliefs or tips for reading would be greatly welcomed.

Karl Seymour.


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