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Wed, 25 Nov 1998 09:36:24 EST

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In a message dated 11/21/98 10:27:32 AM, Les wrote:

>What better
>way to strive for the global maximum than by continually learning -
>constant reflection. I think that this does not rule out
>unconscious-competence. The two can operate in parallel - performing at a
>local maximum, reflecting on that performance (and the way we think about
>improvement) and continuing the learning process. This may have been
>implied in your post, but it was not clear to me whether you saw the
>process as being parallel or serial.

Thanks, Les for your distinctions around local and global maxima and your
questions about process or serial process.

Truthfully, I hadn't considered whether it's serial or parallel and what
that would look like an the pros and cons. Do you have an opinion? I
think for it to be parallel, it would require multiple roles at the same
time because if it is the same person, the attention would get split and
that would reduce the effectiveness in both domains - performing and

Margaret McIntyre



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