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Walter Derzko (
Wed, 25 Nov 1998 13:35:05 -0800

Dear list members:

Below, I have assembled a list of sensemaking tools and instruments that I
have seen various people use in Knowledge Management

I'm looking for samples of templates and examples of uses of each one of
the tools below.

As well, please suggest any tools that I may have missed that people use
in sense-making.

I'm willing to share a 'summary' with everyone who contributes an example.

Please send diagrams as a "Word" or "Pagemaker" attachment.

-Advice Networks and Analysis.
-Assumption Diagrams and Analysis
-Assumption Challenge Maps
-Affinity Diagrams and Analysis
-Belief Networks Diagrams and Analysis
-Balanced Score Card for Knowledge Management
-Concept Mapping and Analysis
-Concept Challenge Maps
-Consequence Maps
-Knowledge VEE Diagrams and Analysis
-Knowledge Propagation Diagrams and Analysis
-Knowledge Pool Mapping and Analysis
-Knowledge Workflow Diagrams and Analysis
-Knowledge Process Diagrams and Analysis
-Systems Thinking Diagrams and Analysis
-Simulation Development and Analysis
-Point-of-View (POV) Maps and Analysis

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