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On 28 Nov 98 at 5:56, Fred Nickols wrote:

> There is no such thing as culture. It is a construct, a label, a
> name for vaguely perceived patterns in behavior and artifacts. You
> will more quickly wrestle the wind to the ground than you will
> change culture.

Fred, I agree with culture being a construct, but virtually everything
discussed in this list is a construct. LO is a construct, in fact.

Leadership is a construct.

I also agree that the invocation of culture as an excuse for failure isn't
productive, but then again, is invoking poor leadership in the same way,
any different?

I doubt it.

As for the malleability of culture, the details of what it refers to which
are the norms, processes, values, etc (as lived), ARE changeable, although
most attempts are of the quick fix bound for failure variety.

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