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Sun, 29 Nov 1998 18:50:50 -0800

Replying to LO19766 --

Bob Williams writes:
> Does anyone have some action learning style activities that will allow
> staff and managers to explore :-

> 1. The difference between strategic planning, strategy and strategic
> thinking
> 2. The pro's and con's of each concept - and the relevace to their own
> situation
> 3. The strengths and weaknesses of seeing managers as strategists and
> staff as doers; and everyone as strategists and doers"

> In the end, I think we are fairly relaxed about the decision they come to
> as long as the decision is well informed and comes from a genuine
> debate.

I'll admit ignorance of action learning (the relevant books are on my
reading list), but how about presenting exactly those three questions to
the staff and managers?

Happy learning,


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