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jerry Lau (jkflau@pacific.net.sg)
Sat, 28 Nov 1998 16:31:20 +0800

Hi everybody,

As you are aware, Asian countries are all deep in crisis, some companies
may practice certain innovative cost cutting technique that I want to
share with others.

My friend is employed in a Singapore Government linked organisation
providing professional services to customers. His probation period is 6
months and shall end in 30th November. Recently his superior did the
normal probation report and suggested to him a few improvments. They are:

1. improve PR ie. more communication with those who requested the service,
the other professionals.
2. improve the team work within the dept.
3. make more suggestion for dept. to improve the efficiency.

My friend was wholeheartedly agreed to improve the above but then the bomb
dropped. His superior would not recommend a confirmation and asked for a
extended probation for another six months.

I think that the above excuses are very flimsy to not confirming an
employee who se main duty is to provide professional services to customer.
I believe that it is an innovative way to deprive him of all the benefits
that the company will be responsible. As in Singapore, most of employment
contract provide that during probation the employee will receive no
company benefit at all. Therefore by extending probation as long as
possible, the company can save a considerable amount in eg annual leave,
sick leave, medical and dental benefit, etc.

I would welcome any labour or HR specialist to comment.

I would also like to receive from readers other dubious excuses that can
be used to collect " 50 ideas not to confirm an employee " that can be
useful for any company finance and HR dept.

J. Lau


jerry Lau <jkflau@pacific.net.sg>

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