What is "Culture"? LO20038

Guinn, David I (dig@eastman.com)
Mon, 30 Nov 1998 07:49:12 -0500

Replying to LO20020 --

Lasting change is about getting others to champion those changes; it is
not about manipulating some will o' the wisp called "culture."

You can call this "thing" anything you want to. The way of thinking still
must change, in order to operate in the future realm. The problem for
changing is that it takes too long to get people in the mode of
championing a change. It is a lot of work. I agree with Sabine, the
"soft facts" are the things we must work with. We are not trying to
change a machine. It takes time and energy to change thinking styles. I
agree with Fred, he said the problem is:

Personally, I'm more inclined to believe the change effort was
poorly conceived, poorly executed, or both.


"Guinn, David I" <dig@eastman.com>

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