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The last time I tried this announcement, the sites
mentioned ended up being "down" for a week or so
(concidence I presume). So, since a number of people
ended up with file not found errors, here we are again.
"Most" of this material should work.

Following is some information about our site and the
free resources online.

We are doing some small modifications to our sites. Our
flagship site is now

At the end of this message is a list of current articles
available in the free articles section. We will probably
be removing some of them, so grab them now.

Finally, we have put up PART II of Conflict
Prevention In The Workplace (the book) in pdf format,
and removed PART I soon. Make sure to get part 2 at

We've also added PART I of Defusing Hostile Customers
Workbook. Use

Article List:


The Problem With Pop Psych. In The Workplace
The Responsiveness Paradigm
The Responsive Manager / Leader
Internal Communication Strategies - The Neglected
Strategic Element Why Employee Ranking Systems Lead To
Disaster Winning Management-Learning Form Olympians
Winning Organizations-Olympic Lessons Our Dead
Strategic Plan

Government Specific

Solving The Government Customer Issue
Where TQM & Politics Clash
Are Government Customers Really Customers

Management Problems, Solutions & Issues

Abuse of Internet Access At Work
Avoiding The Perverted Inverted Pyramid
Leadership, Communication & Change
Thorny Problems - Empowerment Difficulties
Technology & Productivity
How To Manage The Human Speedbump
Strategic Planning Steps (article has been sold and is
off-line) Management Fads-What You Should Know
Staunching The Paper Flow Applying Critical Thinking
More Time Management Tips (Save Time, Save Sanity) A
Quick Guide To Employee Orientation Diagnosing
Performance Problems

Training, Development, Learning and Human Resources

Strategic Learning Contracts
The Role of The Facilitator
Getting Value From Training
Personal Styles-Time Waster or Useful?
Why Is Training Undervalued?
The Value of Values Clarification
Danger! Corporate Training Ahead
What Is Training Good For?

General Communication, Meeting Management, etc

More On Surviving Meetings
Using Positive Language
Meeting Management Problems
Communicating With The Boss
On The Line - Basic Negotiating
Behind The Lectern - How Attention Works (Public
Speaking) Boss Management - Selling Your Idea To The
Boss Principles of Credibility (Find out how to speak
so people listen)

Defusing Hostility and Cooperative Communication

Improving Communications - Tips For Managers
Dealing With Hostile "Bait"
Cooperative Communication
Conflict & Cooperation In The Workplace
Organizational Conflict-The Good The Bad, & The Ugly
Understanding Hostile Customers Dealing With Angry
Employees On The Line - The Difficult Colleague

Quality Improvement and Working Smart

TQM - What Is It?
TQM As Organizational Change
Where TQM & Politics Clash
Are Government Customers Really Customers
Creating Hassle-Hunters
Little Bitty Quality Steps
Are YOU The Barrier To Quality Improvement?
Gathering Customer Satisfaction Data - Every Staff
Member A Researcher Why TQM Fails Effectiveness &
Activity - Focusing On The E! The Curse of Compromise
Leadership - The Link Between Planning & Doing

Change Management & Related Issues

Seven Dynamics of Change
Effects of Change On The Manager
Downsizing, Leading Those That Remain
Downsizing, The Long Term Effects

Teams & Team Development

Six Deadly Sins of Team-Building
When TEAMS Aren't Important Or Desirable
Team Models As An Aid To Understanding
About Team-Building: The Manager's Role
Turning Around Negative Attitudes

Personal Issues

Getting Help
Leaving The Nest-Surviving Layoffs

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