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The question of what universities support critical thinking as a coruse or
discipline has gone unanswered on this list, yet there are several of
these programs around the world. the best known, perhaps is the effort at
the State University of New York at Buffalo (SUNY Buffalo). Many years
ago, I offered a core set of courses on creativity and crtical thinking.
and the University of St. Thomas (Minnesota) had an insitute of creativity
which was developed and nutured by Dr. Bee Bleedorn.

Bee has recently left and we have taken the core seminar series and
redeveloped it as a workshop which is custom tailored and offered
"in-house" to corporations. It is designed to create the core
infrastructure for creativity within the organization at all levels from
production through management. I thought the outline might be helpful to
those on this list. Note that it is a combination of f-2-f and web
delivery. It could be 100% web deliverable meeting the needs of a
dispersed organization with time slot problems:

tom abeles

CDI Workshops Presents

Creativity As Capital
Raising the Bar on Knowledge Management and Leadership


Human creativity can see a garden in a wasteland and opportunity in
adversity. It is this potential within individuals and organizations
which makes them thrive rather than just survive. Combining this spirit
with prudence and professionalism is the key within most organizations.
This workshop, drawing on the skills of a team of professional, will
provide the tools to uncover these rich resources within us and create a
methodology for turning the creative resource into well tempered set of


CDI has developed an integrated 12 week program which will assist a
company and its employees to identify creative resources and to refine
them into a set of knowledge management tools. Using a combination of
in-house seminars blended with internet, web-based, conferencing,
participant will meet with core faculty and a selected series of experts
to build a foundation of creative problem solving and critical
thinking. Key pieces include:

7 a learning package that provides the core to establish leadership
teams within an organization for the expansion of a creative and
innovative work culture,
7 a program designed to encourage new ways of thinking that support the
art of teamwork and integration of ideas from various perspectives
7 an opportunity for persons to develop their individual skills and to
apply creativity principles across traditional corporate lines
horizontally and vertically

This integrative program has grown out of 25 years of research and
teaching of Dr. B. Bleedorn who developed the Institute for Creativity
at the University of St. Thomas. Based on her acclaimed workshops, Dr.
Bleedon has built this integrative program which is tailored
specifically to the needs of the client company, providing a cohesive,
synergistic package.

The 12 sessions would be as follows:

7 Opening the Doors of Perception/Awareness-opportunities and
7 Tools and Techniques for individual development
7 Team building Strategies and Creative Balance of Strengths
7 Disciplined creative Problem Solving
7 Synectics/Strategies for Idea Production and management
7 Humor and the Creative Process
7 Engineering and Product Invention
7 Higher Creativity, Spirituality and Ethics
7 Chaos, Complexity and Change
7 Integration of Creative Mind, Body and Spirit
7 Showcasing Creativity and Innovation
7 Inventing the Future

The company provides an advisory board to CDI. This board helps refine
the goals and objectives to meet the specific needs of the business or
business units. Using both the classroom and the web, the workshop is
then customized to address the general goals and a specific set of sub
goals for groups of individual participants. CDI draws from a core of
independent consultants, specific professionals, to address specialized
areas. These are carefully blended with the basic program to make a
unified whole. CDI also draws upon skills of in-house corporate
expertise, providing a unique blend of talent, and creating the ability
of the business to build a foundation for its own future programs.


7 This program transcends basic tools for creativity and engages the
7 The experience is focused on the all dimensions of corporate
profitability from life cycle costing to short term profit centers
7 Needs of the individual and personal growth are blended with the
larger needs of the business considering the dynamics of an unknown

Seminar Leadership

Berenice Bleedorn, Ph.D.- Dr. Bleedorn is president of Creative
Development Initiatives and the founder and Director Emeritus of the
Institute of Creative Studies at the University of St. Thomas. She has
been involved in teaching and consulting in creative studies for over 30
years and has taught in both the business and education programs at St.

Tom P. Abeles, Ph.D.,-Dr. Abeles, a former tenured professor at the
University of Wisconsin-Green Bay has been an international consultant
for over 25 years specializing in the area of socially and
environmentally responsible technologies, products and services. His
clients have ranged from garage inventors to multinationals. from small
rural communities to international agencies, and from private investors
to Wall Street firms.


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