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Replying to LO20091 --

Don Wiggins says:
>Replying to LO19978 -- was: Systems Thinking vs Belief?
>At, as mentioned many times before, you list the five sustainers of
>creativity as:
> 1. Problem-solving
> 2. Dialogue
> 3. Game-playing
> 4. Exemplar-studying
> 5. Art-expressing
>I'd like to propose what seems to me to be another one: "supposing"
>(what-if). Using your criteria, I think it's a sustainer because it it's
>used by most people, even young children. I think it's not one of the
>five above because it seems to be related to all of them, and no one of
>them seems to "cover" it. (It's used in problem solving and in dialogue,
>it can be a kind of game playing, it provides exemplars to study, and at
>least some works of art are "supposings".)

Can we not see "supposing" as an element of game-playing and/or
problem-solving? The testing of possible solutions, the modelling of
systems, the beer game, etc.

John F. Zavacki


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