Synectics LO20124
Mon, 7 Dec 1998 23:47:19 EST

Hello, I'm interested in finding out more about WJJ Gordon's Synectics.
I've lost the book, from 1961. I love the process and want to use it in
brainstorming. There was a Rick on the email chain who said he was trained
as a Synectics trainer. Are you out there? Bruce Benidt, chief learning
officer, Shandwick.

[Host's Note: The "Rick" is me, your host. Synectics has been a very
useful tool. I'm trained as a facilitator, not a trainer of the method.
Look for The Practice of Creativity; A Manual for Dynamic Group Problem
Solving by George M. Prince, 1972, which is out of print. Synectics, Inc.
is alive and well in Cambridge MA. ...Rick]


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